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West Coast Olefins was founded in 2018 by an experienced, agile team with a vision to develop opportunities that can take advantage of major shifts in the energy industry that have occurred in the last decade.  We identify and develop new opportunities to add value to Canada’s natural resources, while making a positive contribution toward global environmental challenges. West Coast Olefins is a private company, with the majority of its investors being from British Columbia.


The natural gas value-add industry is virtually non-existent in British Columbia.  This is the opportunity to rethink how to develop projects with a new vision, based on a changing energy world and ever tightening environmental expectations.  West Coast Olefins specializes in early stage project development through to a final investment.

West Coast Olefins will focus on the value-add aspect of the energy industry to maximize the benefits of energy resource development.

  • We will better utilize existing infrastructure

  • We will exploit synergies between different facilities and industries

  • We will develop economic diversity in the communities where we operate

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