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Regulatory Process

In October 2021, WCOL informed the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) that we were withdrawing our application for the proposed Ethylene Project in Prince George. For further information, visit the BCEAO Epic website. Updates on the regulatory process for our NGL Recovery Project are provided below.


WCOL Regulatory Process

WCOL is proposing an NGL Recovery Project, which will consist of: an NGL Extraction Plant, an NGL pipeline, an NGL Separation Plant and a road to access the Extraction Plant. 

Separate BCOGC applications are required for each facility and an application is also required with the BCALC.


NGL Extraction Project

The West Coast Olefins NGL Recovery Project is entering the BC Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC) Application process, as required by the Oil and Gas Activity Act. WCOL will continue to work closely with the BCOGC and appropriate regulatory bodies to ensure the Project meets all regulatory requirements.

OGC regulatory Process

  • Submission of Pre-Application (March 2021)

  • Consultation and Notification (Started in June 2021)

  • Application submitted by WCOL in early August 2021

  • Commission review

  • Commission decision

Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Non-Farm Use Application

  • Application submitted by WCOL in September 2021

  • Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (RDFFG) review

  • Commission Review

  • RDFFG re-zoning

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