Ethylene Plant

Environmental Process


Environmental Process

The West Coast Olefins Ethylene Project is currently undergoing the BC Environmental Assessment Process, as required by the Environmental Assessment Act (EAO).

British Columbia has some of the most rigorous environmental standards and processes in the world, to ensure a sustainable future.

For detailed documentation of the West Coast Olefins Ethylene Project, visit the EPIC website Linked Below.

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EAO Environmental Timeline


Public Consultation

September 2019

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Project Description
  • Provides high level information about the Project, including initial emission estimates and major equipment.

  • Assists EAO in determining if the Project requires an environmental assessment

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September 2019

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Section 10
  •  Indicates that the Project requires an Environmental Assessment certificate and assessment 

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October 2019

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Working Group Formed
  • Individuals in provincial, federal and local governments and from local First Nations, with skillsets relevant to the proposed Project make up the Working Group (WG)

  • The WG plays a key role in the review of major documents and providing technical knowledge where required

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December 2019

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Section 11
  • A legal document that sets out the scope, procedures and methods for the Environmental Assessment

  • Informed by a review of Project scope

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Valued Components
  • The proponent - informed by engagement activities and input from the EAO - identifies components which have scientific, social, cultural, economic, historical, archaeological or aesthetic importance

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Application Information requirements (AIR)
  • Outlines the information that must be provided by the proponent in the application required for the assessment

  • WCOL has chosen to conduct a Public Comment Period on the draft AIR document

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Application Prepared and Submitted
  • The document will include all required information outlined in the AIR, including mitigation measures for issues identified and environmental study results

  • A report on Public and First Nations consultation activities will also be prepared and submitted at this time

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Application Review
  • Second Public Comment Period

  • Assessment Report prepared by the EAO, which includes identification of any outstanding / unaddressed issues, where applicable

  • Minister Decision:

    • Issue environmental application​

    • Refuse to issue certificate

    • Require additional information from Proponent

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As the Ethylene Plant moves through the EAO process, it will also enter into the OGC process.

Refer to the NGL Recovery Plant Environmental timeline for a detailed rundown of a standard OGC process.