NGL Recovery Plant

Environmental Process


Environmental Process

The West Coast Olefins NGL Recovery Project is entering the BC Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC) Facility Application process, as required by the Oil and Gas Activity Act. WCOL will continue to work closely with the BCOGC and appropriate regulatory bodies to ensure the Project meets all environmental requirements.

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OGC Environmental Timeline

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Submission of Pre-Application
  • Includes proposed Project location and summary of Project Activities

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Consultation and Notification
  •  OGC defines who proponent will need to consult with and / or notify

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Application Submission by Proponent
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Commission Review
  • OGC conducts technical reviews of Application and carries out First Nations Consultation

    • Review is conducted by various areas of expertise including, agriculture, forestry, and archaeology​

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Commission Decision
  • An informed decision is made based on the application and various reviews conducted 

  • Determination is made on the permit and affected landowners and First Nations are informed

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