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Prince George
NGL Recovery Project

West Coast Olefins Ltd. (WCOL) is developing a project to recover propane, butane and natural gas condensate (collectively known as natural gas liquids, or NGLs) from the Enbridge Westcoast Energy Pipeline that runs just east of Prince George, BC.  Recovered propane, butane and condensates will be sold to local and Asian buyers. 

NGL Recovery Project

Project Schedule

NGL Project Schedule-01.png
NGL Block Flow Diagram.png

How it works

  • The NGL Recovery Project includes two plants; the NGL Extraction Plant and the NGL Separation Plant, with a pipeline connecting the plants. 

  • The NGL Extraction Plant will process rich natural gas from Enbridge’s Westcoast Pipeline, removing a mixture of NGLs (propane, butane and natural gas condensates), which would otherwise be burned and wasted. The Extraction Plant will return a leaner and cleaner-burning natural gas to the Enbridge Westcoast Pipeline. 

  • NGL products will be sent via a new WCOL pipeline to the NGL Separation Plant, where the NGLs are separated, stored and sold, adding value to under-utilized resources. 

Regulatory Process

The West Coast Olefins NGL Recovery Project is entering the BC Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC) Application process, as required by the Oil and Gas Activity Act. WCOL will continue to work closely with the BCOGC and appropriate regulatory bodies to ensure the Project meets all environmental requirements.  WCOL will also be submitting an application with the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) for redesignation of the plant area (roughly 25 acres) and pipeline for non-farm use. 

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