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At West Coast Olefins, We Are Practical Environmentalists: 

Choosing Action Over Activism


West Coast Olefins seeks to: 

Accelerate solutions that extract value add from British Columbia’s energy resources while delivering world-class environmental performance.

West Coast Olefins seeks to: 

WCOL's NGL Recovery Project results in a reduction of GHG emissions, while also upgrading the value of the existing natural gas produced in BC.

West Coast Olefins seeks to: 

Modern designed processing facilities generate products tailored for target markets while adding value to British Columbia’s natural gas resources, providing a platform to diversify local economies and create long-term, stable employment, while ensuring they meet the strict environmental standards that are required today and well into the future.

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Stacked Pipes

The forest and mining industries in British Columbia contribute to the economy through manufacture of many value-add products. We don’t capitalize on our resources when we export “raw logs”.


Similar to other natural resources, Natural Gas can be processed to generate many value-add products which can be shipped across the globe. Recovering propane, butane and condensate from existing natural gas production adds value to the recovery of this natural resource, providing value-add industry within British Columbia.

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