At West Coast Olefins, We Are Practical Environmentalists: 

Choosing Action Over Activism


West Coast Olefins seeks to: 

Accelerate solutions that extract value add from British Columbia’s energy resources while delivering world-class environmental performance.

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The automotive industry utilizes plastic components for vehicle interior and exteriors. These plastics are corrosion resistant and are cheaper and lighter than metal, leading to reduced fuel consumption and associated vehicle emissions.



Plastics have become prevalent in the medical industry to meet the highest level of sanitary requirements.



The removal of heavy hydrocarbons (ethane, propane, butane, C5+) from gas returns a lean gas, consisting of mainly methane, which burns cleaner, with reduced CO2 emissions



Plastics are an essential material in our everyday devices. Smartphones, laptops, and many other electronic devices are built primarily from plastic materials.



West Coast Olefins seeks to: 

Leverage British Columbia’s natural gas and renewable energy to displace old, inefficient GHG intensive industrial plants across the globe. Global solutions are required to address these global challenges and adherence to BC’s Climate Action Plan is essential to do business in the province.

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West Coast Olefins seeks to: 

Modern designed petrochemical projects generate products tailored for target markets while adding value to British Columbia’s natural gas resources, providing a platform to diversify local economies and create long-term, stable employment, while ensuring they meet the strict environmental standards that are required today and well into the future.

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The forest and mining industries in British Columbia contribute to the economy through manufacture of many value-add products. We don’t capitalize on our resources when we export “raw logs”.

Similar to other natural resources, Natural Gas can be used as feedstock for many value-add petrochemical products that can be shipped across the globe, such as polyethylene, methanol, ammonia, and synthetic fibers.
BC’s growing Natural Gas industry creates the opportunity to develop a new value-add petrochemical industry within the province.