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Project Overview

West Coast Olefins Ltd. has elected to withdraw our previously proposed Ethylene Project from the B.C. Environmental Assessment process. We are proceeding with the development of our proposed NGL Recovery Project, which has net negative greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, will have a positive economic impact on the Prince George region through the addition of permanent jobs and economic diversification. Additional information related to the benefits of the NGL Recovery Project can be found on our Economic and Social Benefits and Environmental pages.


NGL Recovery Project

West Coast Olefins Ltd. is developing a project to recover natural gas liquids (NGLs) from the natural gas in the Westcoast Energy Pipeline in British Columbia.


The NGL Recovery Project will consist of two plants, an NGL Extraction Plant and an NGL Separation Plant.  The NGL Extraction Plant will be located adjacent to the existing Westcoast Energy Pipeline and will remove a mixture of NGLs (propane, butane and natural gas condensates), which are currently being burned and wasted, adding to atmospheric GHG emissions.  The NGL Extraction Plant will return a lean natural gas to the Pipeline that is cleaner burning when it is used.  The NGL products will be sent via pipeline to the NGL Separation Plant, located in the Danson Industrial Park in Prince George, to be separated, stored and sold, adding value to under-utilized BC resources, and to the local economy. 


Key Milestones Achieved

  • NGL Extraction Plant, NGL Pipeline, NGL Separation Plant and road access Applications submitted to BCOGC in early August

  • Application for non-farm use submitted to BC ALC in September

Upcoming Key Milestones

Future regulatory activities are being developed with BCOGC and BCALC.


Critical Infrastructure & Utilities

WCOL has selected the region of Prince George as the optimum location for the Project because this region offers the following advantages:

Access to Existing Pipeline

Access to the existing Westcoast Pipeline, eliminating the need for the construction of any new major pipeline infrastructure.

Access to Existing


Access to existing infrastructure, such as BC Hydro high voltage transmission lines, reducing additional construction or tie-in requirements and providing a supply of clean hydro-electricity to the Projects.

A Main Hub For 

CN Rail

Prince George is a main hub for CN Rail, with connectivity to ports in Prince Rupert, Kitimat and Vancouver for export of products.

Employment for 

the Project

The regional population exceeds 100,000 and includes post secondary institutions (CNC, and UNBC, which is degree granting). This provides the employment base needed to support the Projects.

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