Project Scope

Project Scope

1. What are the components of the WCOL Development?

  • The WCOL development will involve three components:
    • One Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Recovery Plant which will recover Natural Gas Liquids, or NGLs (ethane, propane, butane and condensate) from the Westcoast Energy Pipeline. . This plant will be located at the Shas Ti Dlezeh Industrial Park roughly 30 km north of Prince George
    • One Ethylene Plant that will produce ethylene from the ethane recovered in the above NGL Recovery Plant. Site location is under development.
    • An Ethylene Derivative facility, most likely polyethylene, that will be developed by a third party. Site location is under development.
  • As noted above, West Coast Olefins is only developing two of the three components. We will not have any polyethylene plants on our site and WCOL does not make plastics; a third-party will make the polyethylene pellets.
The following diagram provides an overview of three components. More detail on the various facilities can be found in the Project Description filed by WCOL on the BC EAO EPIC web site, click here.

2. What are the products being created by the WCOL development?

  • The NGL Recovery Plant will produce ethane which will feed the Ethylene Plant. The NGL Recovery Plant will also recover secondary products:
    • Propane
    • Butane
    • C5+ Condensate
  • The Ethylene Plant will produce ethylene, which will feed the Ethylene Derivative Plant(s). Coproducts from the Ethylene Plant are:
    • Mixed C3 (which consists mainly of propylene (roughly 85%) and propane (roughly 10%))
    • Mixed C4 (which consists mainly of butadiene (45%))
    • Aromatic Concentrate (a C5+ mixture with a high concentration of aromatic hydrocarbons)
    • Pyrolysis Gasoline (mixture of heavier hydrocarbons)
    • These coproducts will be sold to 3rd parties for further refinement to more valuable products
  • The third-party Ethylene Derivative Plant(s) will produce polyethylene pellets.

3. What is the anticipated production capacity of the NGL Recovery Plant?

  • The plant will process between 42,500 to 596,500 standard cubic meters (1.5 to 2.1 billion standard cubic feet) of natural gas from Enbridge’s Westcoast Energy Pipeline and recover approximately 10,400 cubic meters per day (65,000 barrels per day) of ethane, 4,200 cubic meters per day (26,000 barrels per day) of propane, 1,500 cubic meters per day (9,000 barrels per day) of butane and 300 cubic meters per day (2,000 barrels per day) of condensate

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